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Paper Tubes, Shredded Bales & Kraft Rolls


Newsprint Bale
Shredded Bales
(White Newsprint)


Shredded Bales are a low cost solution to packing boxes. Our Bales weigh approximately 50 lbs. and are sold individually and by the pallet. A pallet consist of 25 bales. 

Butcher Roll
Kraft Rolls


Kraft and Newsprint rolls are a low cost packaging material that can be used as cushioning and wrapping. We currently offer Kraft Rolls that are 30#, 40#, 50# and 60# in basis weight. We also offer 30# and 45# Newsprint Rolls as well as Butcher Rolls. Our common size rolls are 18", 24", 30", 36" and 48". 


*Please call us about custom sizes 

Paper Tubes
Cores / Paper Tubes


Recycled Paper Tubes are low cost and economical. We slit used cores to your desired deminsions and bundle them in quantities of 10 per bundle / 272 per skid. 


*Please call or email us about custom sizes and pricing.  

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