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Paper Furniture Pads

Paper Furniture Pad
2-Ply Brown Furniture Pads


A 2-ply paper pad has two sheets of indented paper inside two sheets of brown kraft paper. This is great for covering furniture and other large items to prevent scratching and nicks. 

Paper Furniture Pad
3-Ply Brown Furniture Pads

A heavier pad that has three sheets of paper in the middle of two brown kraft sheets. This is used for more valuable objects that you need more protection for. 




  • There are 500 pads per skid

  • There are 20 bundles of 25 pads per skid

  • Pads are folded in thirds. 

Combo Pad
International (Combo) Pads


A super heavy-duty pad that is primarily used for shipping overseas. This pad has one sheet of medium and two sheets of indented paper surrounded by a heavy white Kraft sheet and a natural kraft sheet. This pad is stiffer and more difficult to tear.

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